Using the All of Us e-toolkit                              

What is the purpose of this e- Toolkit?
The objective of this e-Toolkit is to enhance the impact of recruitment efforts by healthcare providers in order to ensure inclusive and diverse enrollment into the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort of the NIH All of Us Research Program.

Who should use this e-Toolkit?
This e-toolkit is designed for clinicians with an interest in impacting precision medicine research and who serve predominantly African-American and/or culturally diverse populations. The e-toolkit introduces the basics of All of Us while offering resources and materials to support Cohort recruitment, research ( All of Us Research Hub is being
launched) and partnership-building efforts. The e-Toolkit may be updated as new tools and applications are released.

What content is provided in the e-Toolkit?
● Section I introduces All of Us, rationale and underlying principles.
● Section II presents an overview of the enrollment process.
● Sections III lists the promotional and informational multimedia
available on the e-Toolkit.
● Section IV offers social media tips.
● Section V suggests actions for partnership-building within the clinic and more broadly, locally and nationally.

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